Family Office

Full Service Integrated Planning Throughout your Lifetime and Across Generations

large-mature-couple-smiling-1Wealthy Canadian families realized long ago that their affairs were complex and they needed more than casual help from their accountants or lawyers. They needed full-time personnel who knew tax planning, investment management, alternative investments and estate planning; they needed budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance, as well as insurance services, property management and advice on how to manage their businesses and plan for their children and grandchildren. They also needed help to prepare the next generation for the responsibility of stewarding their wealth.

With our team of specialists at Scotia Wealth Management, along with our extended team of financial professionals, we act as a permanent “family office” and can offer unparalleled planning along with our best of breed investment management.

The Schenk Group provides the highest level of in-depth personalized financial services to our most successful Canadian families, owning all of your family priorities and deadlines with you, maintaining all of your records and taking care of needs of all of your family members.

Here are a few of the services we provide for our family office clients:

  • Advanced personal, business, and cross-border tax planning
  • Family wealth optimization and risk management via complex business structures
  • Strategic legacy planning
  • Business transition planning
  • Wealth stewardship and multi-generational engagement
  • Corporate estate planning

You don’t need just a financial plan. You need a financial strategy. Give us a call today to learn how we can create one for you and your family.