For Business Owners

Succession & Sale Strategy

For Business Owners

  • Fact – Founding your company was the most important financial decision you ever made.
  • Fact – Preparing your company for succession or sale is the second most important.
  • Fact – Only 10% of business owners have a written business succession or sale plan.

At The Schenk Group, we have developed considerable expertise in advising business owners about their succession and sale strategy. In fact, Marc Vella, our Business Development Associate, specializes in this very issue. Here are three reasons why:

  1. A company – particularly one that is family-owned – typically represents more than half of the value of its owner’s estate at the time the owner decides to dispose of it.
  2. As an incorporated business owner, the advantage of using the divestible assets held within a company to ensure a carefree retirement can be huge.
  3. Huge in terms of wealth preservation, tax savings, family financial security, and personal peace of mind.

Our Suggestion

Talk to Marc Vella at The Schenk Group.

Working closely with our team, and with other specialists – a lawyer and an accountant, for example – we can help you maximize your corporate assets, organize your company for sale to a third party, transfer your company to a family member or members, or structure a management buy-out.

Let the experts at The Schenk Group show you how to preserve, protect and maximize the value of what you’ve taken so much time and effort to build.