Power of Attorney

hands-in-handsA relative, friend or client (the grantor) has trusted you to be his or her power of attorney (POA). Now you have a serious fiduciary responsibility in managing the grantor’s financial assets.

In today’s low interest rate environment, for instance, is it prudent to invest entirely in government-guaranteed securities or does that risk jeopardizing future buying power? Most importantly, what will happen should a major bear market arrive? Is the account protected? Are you protected?

These and such similar questions are why many of our “attorney” clients, people like you, have told us that they like having our practice support them in their role. They find great comfort in the knowledge that we protect them with a clearly defined and historically proven risk management process?

The Schenk Group provides the standard of care needed. Our rules-based investment management process protects the capital they are entrusted with and we have a proven track record to show it. This partly explains why we’ve seen a growing number of POAs contact us in recent years regarding the management of the accounts that they find themselves in charge of.

If you have any questions on our risk management process, or how we work with our POAs, feel free to contact us.