The What and When of Investment Management

We believe in the fundamental value of long-term strategic investment thinking. We also believe that the astute investor must be prepared to adapt tactically as market conditions dictate.  That’s why The Schenk Group employs a proprietary combination of Fundamental and Technical Analysis to ensure our clients are participating in strong (bull) markets and are protected in weak (bear) markets.  We call this system the What and When of Investment Management, and led by the only Portfolio Manager on Vancouver Island who holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT), The Schenk Group is uniquely situated to protect and grow your money.



What to Buy?

Fundamental Analysis: Finding great companies at a good value.


When to Buy/Sell?technicals

Technical Analysis: Buy those great companies at the right time/sell when necessary

Peter has developed his proprietary fusion of technical and fundamental analysis over twenty years of research and industry experience. It is truly what sets The Schenk Group apart.  Ignoring the guidance offered by measuring human behaviour in the markets, which is what technical analysis is, is like playing the piano with one hand. Contact us to see if there may be a fit between our process and your financial future.